Van Tol Convenience Food Company info


Professionals in food

For over 18 years, we have been supplying our products to professionals in the international food industry, including fast food chains, catering wholesalers, contract caterers, airline and event caterers, hotel chains and industrial producers of filled sandwiches, ready-made  meals, cut vegetables, salads and soups. In recent years, we have also started to supply to retailers.

Development and Innovation

Any future cooperation with your company would focus on product development and product innovation. Whether it be new or existing products and/or packaging, Van Tol prides itself on its fast proactive or reactive approach towards the development, production and marketing of products (‘time to market’).

Van Tol features a range of brands including Ovod’or & Eggstra (egg products), Carnid’or (meat products) and Panid'or (bread products), the keyword being quality. If price is a leading factor, Van Tol can also supply through a fancy or personal label.

In its business premises, Van Tol has created a modern and attractive demonstration kitchen for presentations and tasting events, giving customers an opportunity to witness the correct preparation of the products with the aid of the available cooking and regeneration techniques.

New concepts

Van Tol does not merely focus on individual products but, more than that, on the development of new concepts or the improvement of existing concepts. Of key importance in this respect are the synergy benefits between our and your product range.


From our central logistics centre, we offer a fast and flexible delivery service of our products, thus ensuring the delivery of commercial, logistical and administrative benefits to our clients.