At Van Tol Convenience Food B.V. we deal with Italian pizza and bread as well as egg products on a daily basis. Our assortment consists of various own and license brands for our different product groups. Each brand contributes to our goal: To unburden the customer by delivering high quality, reliable and authentic convenience products.



TOLINI - our brand name for high-quality Italian
bread and pizza products, which are baked with passion in authentic
baked with the original ingredients.
So with the first bite, you should immediately get the "Tornara a Casa
feeling: the feeling of coming home to Italy!
TOLINI stands for a traditional Italian product from
the original regions that the Italians themselves also like to eat and
which they have been proud of for centuries. 








Panid'or - our brand name for the range of ready-to-eat
convenience products.
Made from fresh ingredients that provide a quality
solution to today's problems of
staff and cooks.
Quickly and easily put a high-quality product on the table
zett and that tastes like homemade!
The Panid'or range currently consists of ready-made
burritos and a beautiful line of original Breton crêpes.








Ovod'or - our brand name for convenience egg products
such as boiled & peeled eggs, a ready-to-eat stuffed
egg and convenient packs of liquid egg
(whole egg, egg yolk, egg white and scrambled egg).
The ready-to-eat Ovod'or egg products meet 100% of
the keywords for convenience: saving time and
costs and increasing convenience and effi ciency.
Cooking becomes a breeze for the professional user!



Cocotine - the brand name for the total range of
chilled and frozen egg products that are a perfect
solution for users in foodservice and industry.
Under the Cocotine label, we supply frozen
artisanal omelett en, omelette cubes and omelette strips,
omelet wrap, Spanish egg tortillas and a
chilled fresh poached egg.





Pinsa: a hand-streched, airy and crusty bread, authentic and original from Italy.

Pinsa is composed of the exclusive blend of wheat flour, rice flour and soy flour, sourdough culture, extra virgin olive oil, salt and water.
The long rice time of up to 48 hours and lots of kneading creates a super crispy crust with a soft, airy interior.
This makes the pinsa more easily digestible and lower in calories than pizza dough.

Under the Pinsami / Mister Pinsa label, we supply frozen, ambient (-and chilled-fresh) Pinsa bottoms direct from Italy.

Made to recipe however the Italians like to eat the Pinsa themselves.