Under the brand names Ovod'Or, Panid'Or, Carnid'Or, Eggstra and Karea, Van Tol supplies a complete range of convenience egg, meat and bread products for the food industry and the food service sector. Besides our comprehensive basic range per product group, we also possess the flexibility to produce products tailored to your specific needs.

Ovod'or eiproducten

“Cooking becomes a piece of cake”

Convenience egg products in liquid, dried, cooked or boiled form. ‘Cooking will be a piece of cake' stands for the ease with which the Ovod’Or egg products can be processed.
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Panid'or brood producten

“Original Tasty Bread”

Pizza-related and innovative bread products. 'Original Tasty Bread' made from original authentic raw materials, which ensure a tasty and appetising end product.
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Carnid'or vleesproducten

“Honest & Delicious Meat”

Ready-made chicken, beef and pork products. ‘Honest and Delicious Meat’ made from natural raw materials only, which give the Carnid’Or products their traditional look and unique taste. 
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Under the brand name Eggstra Van Tol supplies for the food service, liquid egg products: whole egg, egg yolk, egg white, scrambled egg-mix.




Under the brand name Karea Van Tol supplies a total concept of frozen egg products for the industry: omelettes, omelette chunks/strips, egg rolls, scrambled egg, fried egg and tortillas.
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